It is English Week season and it starts today!! Check for the activities we have prepared for you:

Tuesday 12th

  • Francisca Jünemann, Soprano Singer: 5th, 6th and 7th Grade (9:00-9:30).
  • Music Exposition: 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade (10:50-11:30).
  • Space Fair: 3rd and 4th Grade (12:40-13:15).
  • Theatre Play: 4th and 5th Grade (14:30-15:30).

Wednesday 13th

  • Riddles: 2nd Grade (9:00-9:20).
  • Spelling Bee: 2nd Grade (9:20-10:30), 4th Grade (11:00-12:10) and 6th Grade (14:30-15:30).
  • Science Advances of the 80’s: 2nd and 4th Grade (14:30-15:30).

Thursday 14th

  • Iconic Buildings Presentation: 1st and 2nd Grade (9:00-9:35).
    Game of Knowledge: 9th and 10th Grade (11:00-11:35).
    News in Brief: 9th and 10th Grade (14:00-14:30).
    TED Talk: 11th Grade (14:30-15:00).